About Us

We're a small kennel in Caddo, OK. We were founded about 5 years ago. We started by brokering sales for a network of breeders. Two years ago, we relocated to the family ranch and began building our kennel. Today, we are 80% bred in house and 20% brokered. By continuing to broker puppies this allows us to keep puppies available to our customers year round and also offer a few unique bloodlines to our customers.
Our goals are to breed flawless puppies and provide the highest possible quality of life for their parents. When you buy from us you're not just buying a puppy, you're joining into a family and community. Our owner/manager is Cooper Morris. Majority of our customers meet him when picking up their puppies. Even though our company is young, he has worked his entire life with both dogs and livestock.
We use a limited exposure breeding technique. Our parents are limited to a maximum of 3 years compared to the industry average of 7. After our parents are done here they are spayed/neutered and rehomed to amazing families who can't afford our puppies. On top of this our parents average 5 hours of playtime (the average amount of time a dog is awake) each day.
While our main focus is raising our beautiful puppies we are also extremely committed to our industry and helping to better the overall public opinion. Right now, our goal is to save, spay/neuter, and rehome 50 dogs and multiple cats per year. These animals will have a better quality of life while in our facilities instead of cramp and overcrowded shelters. While being able to do this we can guarantee no puppy or dog from our kennel has ever seen a shelter and never will. As our company grows we gain the ability to further our contributions to the community. We believe as animal lovers and caretakers that breeders and shelters aren't enemies. We are in the same business and together we can work to better our industry and communities.
We are based in Caddo, OK. We do not have a public location at the moment but we hope to have one soon. Instead we personally deliver to majority of Oklahoma and parts of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas. We can also fly your new fur baby anywhere in the U.S.