Our policies are here to protect you and us in the event of a problem. However, if your problem isn’t covered or listed here then please contact us to discuss a solution. We are always happy to help.

Registration Papers

Registration papers are held by That Puppy Guy until written proof of spay/neutering has been received from a licensed, veterinarian. When proof has been received, the registration papers will be forwarded to the buyer's address.

Spay & Neuter

We recommend spay/neutering of your pets to prevent accidental litters. We are doing everything we can to better the world view of our industry, but we need your help to control our dog population. We also hold papers to discourage breeders from purchasing our puppies. This helps us guarantee our puppies go to pet homes. We DON'T require you to spay/neuter your pet at this time. We understand some people don't want their pets fixed for health concerns and for some it's unnecessary, but please evaluate your situation and if possible spay/neuter your puppy.

DNA Guarantee

All our puppies (unless otherwise noted) are guaranteed to be 87.5% or higher purebred. Canine DNA tests aren't perfect yet so we leave a margin for discrepancies. If within one year of purchase the canine is found to be less than 87.5% by a reputable genetic testing company (i.e. Embark, Wisdom Panel, ect.) then it may be returned for a replacement puppy of equal or lesser value.